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In a sector of changing priorities, cyber security remains at the top of the list in any boardroom. With the threat landscape presenting challenges old and new, and the increasing risk of entities such as state-sponsored hacking, it is essential that businesses carefully craft their cyber security strategy to keep ahead of the next big attack.

The speed that threats evolve now demands real-time action from companies, who must maintain oversight of their attack surface and maintain as many assets as possible against vulnerabilities such as Log4Shell.

This week, we spoke to Bernard Montel, technical director EMEA at exposure management firm Tenable, to discuss how businesses can tackle their threat surface area, and the biggest risks.


“You will be surprised that a year after, we've done a study at Tenable, a lot of companies are still vulnerable to Log4Shell. It's not that they've been lazy. We've seen once one element, which is very important is called reinfection, they've fixed the vulnerabilities partially or completely, but they install new software, and new technology, and now suddenly, those new technologies unfortunately, were using a very old library of of Log4j.”

“I mean, this is the only way they have to force organisations to increase the level of security. If you go back, for example, to GDPR which came out from the EU. I mean, by applying GDPR everywhere, mechanically the level of security has increased. That doesn't mean that we have reduced the number of attacks, the number of attacks as well has increased, but if we all together try to upload the level or the greater level of security, then mechanically, you know, we are better prepared.”

“An organisation itself has more than 500,000 assets. How can you manage that? So, I would not blame them to not fix Log4Shell, that they didn't fix it in January or February. You know, we knew when Log4Shell came out how deep it was embedded into some of the technologies.”

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