Kemp’s Zero Trust Gateway fortifies sensitive applications’ security

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Kemp has launched a low-friction Zero Trust Access Gateway (ZTAG) architecture to help organizations implement zero trust policies across their application ecosystems.

“The increase in work-from-home, hybrid cloud, BYOD, and IoT blurs the border between what is on premises and what is beyond the perimeter. This raises new challenges around maintaining compliance and a consistent security posture without detriment to the easy access to services for users,” said Kemp.

Kemp’s zero trust architecture enables secure remote access to load-balanced web applications through a suite of policy-based access control services, including active traffic steering, intelligent content-based routing, and contextual identity validation.

ZTAG also allows for Identity Provider (iDP) integration, so businesses can validate clients’ credentials before granting access to sensitive applications.

Kemp LoadMaster actively directs traffic based on the geographical location of customers and security zone levels of backend services, adding an extra layer of security. Several factors influence service access, including security group membership, source network, and information embedded in HTTP communication.

An embedded web application firewall (WAF) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) on Kemp identifies violations in authenticated client traffic and prevents exploits from taking place.

Organizations can also apply granular restrictions to application and user access depending on clients’ security zones and identities. For instance, a client in security zone A can only read, while those in security zone B may be trusted to execute read and write operations.


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Kemp’s other interesting features include multi-factor authentication (MFA), automated configuration and deployment via REST-based policy builder, application reverse proxying, and multi-network service publishing.

"Zero trust is the future of application access and continues to gain traction for customers," said Jason Dover, VP of product strategy at Kemp.

"Kemp is leveraging the privileged position of the load balancer combined with our extensible automation framework to help customers simplify the introduction of a zero trust model into their application ecosystem."