IBM launches security hub to help APAC firms prepare for cyber attacks

A glass building with the IBM logo displayed on the window
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

IBM has announced a multi-million dollar Security Command Center to offer security incident response and training for organizations across the APAC region.

IBM’s "first of its kind" cyber security hub will simulate realistic cyber attacks as part of its training program, preparing professionals from the C-Suite to technical staff alike.

A new Security Operation Center (SOC) was also announced, adding to IBM's vast global network of existing SOCs around the globe, offering 24/7 security response services.

Cyber attacks originating from Asia accounted for 26% of all attacks in 2021, according to a recent IBM study. The data shows a substantial change from the last decade, when North America and Europe topped the list of heavily targeted regions.

In addition, IBM stated that the trend indicates a growing need for security investments within Asian organizations, including financial services and manufacturing, two of the most targeted business sectors in the region.

The new IBM cyber security centers, situated at the Embassy Golf Links in Bengaluru, India, leverage sophisticated audio and visual effects alongside live malware, ransomware and other real-world hacker tools to offer immersive training simulations in Ox response challenge, operation red escape, cyber wargame, and more.

"Preparing for a cyber attack is like fire-drill training. Everyone from executives through to contractors need to understand their own role in an emergency and reinforce the crucial response steps through practice," said Chris Hockings, IBM security CTO for Asia Pacific.

"The new IBM Security Command Center is the first in Asia Pacific enabled to train the entire business in the art of response to a cyber attack event, further enhanced by the real-time experience of our security experts based in the adjoining global Security Operations Center," added Hockings.

"With Asia Pacific's enormous growth, diversity, and role in global supply chain, these capabilities can be a real game changer for helping customers face growing threats in the region."