Palo Alto Networks' new tool shields businesses from unsecure home networks

A shot of a building with a Palo Alto Networks sign on the side
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Palo Alto Networks has announced the general availability of its SASE-based cyber security product that promises to protect business networks from vulnerabilities on employees’ home networks.

Dubbed Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition, the new service includes FedRAMP-compliant Prisma Access and a Wi-fi 6 router. Configuration and management are relatively easy through a mobile app, which also allows for the creation of separate private and personal networks.

Discrete networks help prevent data from commingling and eliminate the risk of attackers moving laterally from one network to another, stated Palo Alto Networks.

Most importantly, Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition, now available to businesses in the US and Canada, enables security operations centers (SOCs) and IT to keep close tabs on in-home corporate networks while ensuring security admins are not privy to employees’ personal networks.

The subscription-based service also helps safeguard unmanaged work devices at home, including printers and VoIP phones.

"The benefits for working remotely also come with the shared responsibility between employees and employers for protecting networks, as at-home use of personal devices, email and social media accounts increases the risk of cyberattacks on the enterprise," said Kumar Ramachandran, senior vice president of products at Palo Alto Networks.

"Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition is built upon the principles of Zero Trust and enables organizations to extend the corporate network and bring unified security policy management and SASE to the hybrid workforce. Together, Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition with Prisma Access extends that best-in-class security synonymous with corporate environments into the home," added Ramachandran.