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Read our ADT review to help you decide whether this security provider’s custom security systems and professional monitoring are the right fit for your business

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ADT is an outstanding choice for specialized security systems, and its customer service is impressive. However, the lengthy minimum contract length and lack of clear pricing may make some potential customers look at one of the more modern, cheaper, security providers instead.


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    Huge range of security options

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    Great customer service


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    Minimum contract length is 36 months

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    No clear pricing information upfront

Finding the best security systems for business can be a minefield. You want to keep your premises safe, yet a one-size-fits-all plan may not work for you if you have specialist security needs and integration with existing systems to consider. ADT provides bespoke solutions for many different businesses, from small retailers through to large pharmaceutical companies.

In this ADT review, we’ll look at the features and services of ADT Small Business that make this well-known security provider a popular choice.

ADT: Plans and pricing

Because each business is different, there is no one-size-fits-all pricing with ADT. You must contact the company for a free assessment of your needs and security vulnerabilities.

On the ADT website you can compare the three package plans: Premise Control, Enterprise View, and Total Productivity. You won’t see a price list, though, as you need to get your assessment first.

Premise Control is the basic package, and includes 24/7 monitoring, intrusion detection, arm/disarm, and customizable alerts and automations. Enterprise View includes those features, plus live streaming video and record/save video clips. Total Productivity is the same, except the extras are climate, smart appliance, and lighting controls.

There are also three extra add-ons to choose from, including access control, cybersecurity, and video verification. ADT offers a finance option, and a generous six-month money back guarantee, too.

ADT: Features

ADT apps and interfaces demonstrated on various devices

ADT offers a wide range of apps, features, and tools for professional commercial security (Image credit: ADT)

Although ADT provides commercial security on a huge scale, as well as health and senior safety systems, in this article we’ll concentrate on its small business security features.

ADT can provide fully-monitored sensors for different uses. You can choose from door and window sensors, as well as motion and glass break sensors. There are also specialized sensors for monitoring temperature and flooding risks, and hold-up buttons to quickly and silently call for help during a robbery.

ADT’s business security cameras allow you to check on your premises or employees at any time, day or night. All its cameras produce live video in 1080p HD quality, and some can be used indoors or out. They are ideal in dark- or low-light areas, and there’s a choice of styles available.

Cameras can be set to capture footage constantly, or only when motion is detected. A smart feature enables you to skip straight to the moment the motion started, even if your camera is on all the time. This triggered recording can save you a huge amount of time going through video footage.

When a camera is triggered, someone at the monitoring centre will immediately check the video and call you to confirm an intrusion. If this intrusion is verified, ADT will call the police immediately. Video verification benefits businesses in several ways, including shortening the response time from the emergency services, potentially reducing insurance claims and helping to prevent false alarms.

You can automate several aspects of your security with ADT to save you time and give you more control. Create automations that lock or unlock doors as well as arm/disarm your system or save energy by automating your smart thermostat.

Access control enables you to limit access to secure areas, protect customer information, and control employee entrances. While not every business needs access control, those who handle sensitive data, controlled substances, or have parts of their premises that they don’t want all staff or customers to enter will find this a very useful security option.

ADT offers keycard readers, intercoms with video, and mobile access to lock and unlock doors remotely.

ADT: Interface and in-use

ADT's smartphone app demonstrated

ADT's mobile app is simple and uncluttered (Image credit: ADT)

After your initial assessment, ADT will create a custom solution, and recommend equipment that matches both the risks and your budget, so however much you have to spend the company will help you find the right security equipment.

ADT’s mobile app has a modern, clean design that is easy to use and understand. You can control your security system remotely and receive alerts on your Apple and Android devices. This makes ADT’s system very flexible, and it’s ideal for those who spend a lot of time traveling or out of the office but who want to stay in control.

ADT: Support

ADT's support webpage

ADT offers extensive customer support on the website and through the MyADT app (Image credit: ADT)

ADT provides an extensive range of customer support options. There is a live chat option on the website, but when we tried it we got a swift automated response that is geared to sales enquiries from potential customers, not existing ones.

ADT’s existing customers get access to a platform called MyADT, through which they are able to run their accounts and avail of a 24/7, dedicated support telephone number. The support team is committed to answering calls within 60 seconds, something that smaller security companies will struggle to match.

MyADT also has a help and knowledge center, with options for getting help with troubleshooting, testing the system, and changing batteries, etc.

Alternatives to ADT

ADT has one of the most comprehensive ranges of business security solutions, but there are a couple of competitors worth looking at.

If you don’t want to pay monthly fees or be locked into a contract, then Lorex has a huge selection of quality security equipment. However, you don’t get monitoring and support like you do with ADT, so Lorex is probably best for those who have their own in-house security monitoring team.

Vivint hits the middle ground between DIY systems and commercial-grade security. It’s a flexible, budget-friendly, and effective system, with the option of professional monitoring. Vivint doesn’t offer the specialised security of ADT, though, such as cybersecurity and ATM security, or electronic article surveillance (EAS) for retail stores.

ADT: Final verdict

ADT is a solid and reliable choice for both small business and large commercial enterprises. It’s also a good pick for industry-specific security solutions, like those needed by pharmacies, automotive businesses, and retail.

However, ADT’s professional monitoring is probably more expensive than that of most other companies (although ADT is reticent about revealing its prices, an article on the US Chamber of Commerce’s website states ADT’s professional monitoring is around $58 a month).

Perhaps the biggest negative for ADT is the minimum contract length of 36 months. That’s a lot higher than the contract lengths offered by many competitors.

ADT is probably best for businesses who have specialised security needs like access control or EAS, or those who want the most comprehensive custom-built system and service. If you run a small office, store, or a home office and you don’t have a huge budget, then ADT probably isn’t the best value choice for you.

Having said that, ADT does provide outstanding features and excellent customer service, and its hardwired systems are ultra-reliable.

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