IT Pro Live: Influencing to win

One of the largest challenges security leaders face is not technology, process, or budget. It’s actually a lack of influence and authority. It’s something often lamented by security professionals, but rarely do we actually do anything about it. In this presentation we will look at ways to engage and build relationships with management, stakeholders, and end-users alike in order to gain the traction we need to deliver effective assurance no matter the situation or goal. It comes down to one simple thing: Becoming someone worth listening to.

Greg van der Gaast

Head of cyber security, University of Salford

Starting as one of the most notorious hackers of the 1990’s having been involved in the largest mass hack of the time and setting off an international incident after hacking into a nuclear weapons facility, Greg has over two decades of technical, management, and leadership experience in Information Security.

He is currently the Head of Information Security at the University of Salford, a freelance security strategy advisor, guest lecturer, mentor, trainer and creator of the UoS Information Security Leadership course. He is also the author of the InfoSec Leadership Series; Rethinking InfoSec, Influencing InfoSec, and Structuring InfoSec.


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