New York Racing Association confirms hack by Hive ransomware group

"Ransomware" text within binary code

The Hive ransomware group has claimed an attack on the New York Racing Association (NYRA), the latest in a series of cyber attacks.

NYRA first disclosed the hack on June 30, after learning its IT operations, website availability, and member data were compromised.


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In its security breach notification sent to impacted individuals, the company confirmed that the threat actors gained access to personally identifiable information of a group of NYRA employees and their beneficiaries. However, customer data was unaffected, the company affirmed.

Social security numbers, driver's license identification numbers, health records, and health insurance information are among the exposed details.

As part of the attack, the Hive hacker group also posted a free link to download a ZIP file containing stolen data from the firm’s internal systems.

Acknowledging the scope of the attack, an NYRA spokesperson revealed: “On June 30, 2022, NYRA discovered suspicious network activity that had the markings of a potential cyber-attack.”

“In response, NYRA immediately suspended the connectivity of all affected systems, notified the relevant law enforcement and regulatory authorities, and mobilized cyber-security professionals to investigate the nature and scope of the attack.”

NYRA is also set to cover the cost of an identity protection service offered by Experian to help mitigate risks of identity theft for affected employees.

“Vermont residents can also consider placing a security freeze on their credit reports. A security freeze prevents most potential creditors from viewing your credit reports and therefore, further restricts the opening of unauthorized accounts,” the company added.