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network switches

Zyxel GS1350-12HP review: A security saviour

A smart PoE switch that puts self-healing surveillance networks firmly within an SMB price range
10 Jul 2020
Nokia data centre equipment
data centres

Nokia begins major data centre networking gambit

The company has secured high-profile early adopters, including Apple and BT for its routers, switches, and OS
10 Jul 2020
data centres

Five business benefits of hyperconvergence

As the technology matures, what are the benefits of using hyperconverged systems?
8 Jul 2020
Server & storage

What is serverless architecture?

We explain the basics of serverless architecture, including benefits and drawbacks
7 Jul 2020
Networks connected with each other across the world
Server & storage

What is a proxy server?

We explain what a proxy server is, how it works, and the different types available
6 Jul 2020

Cloud vs on-premise storage: What’s right for you?

Key considerations driving document storage decisions for businesses
1 Jul 2020
data recovery

Microsoft releases Windows File Recovery app

The new command line tool can retrieve deleted files from your hard drive
30 Jun 2020
solid state storage (SSD)

Kingston KC2000 review: A serious SSD for serious users

A well-featured NVMe SSD that’s better suited to work than pleasure
29 Jun 2020
solid state storage (SSD)

WD Blue SN550 review: A smashing budget SSD

The follow-up to one of the best budget SSDs gets even higher top speeds, while keeping pricing low
29 Jun 2020
high-performance computing (HPC)

ARM-fitted supercomputer now the most powerful in the world

The Japanese Fugaku supercomputer is the first ARM-powered system to lead the TOP500 benchmarking index
23 Jun 2020
network attached storage (NAS)

Back up your files with these top NAS drives

A NAS is the one box every home and business should have. We put nine flexible devices through their paces to find a winner
21 Jun 2020
Server & storage

Dell Technologies heads for the edge with PowerScale

New family of storage systems comes in a variety of configurations, following the company’s 'edge-to-core' strategy
16 Jun 2020
Microsoft Windows Serverwhitepaper

Beat the clock on Windows Server end-of-service

Be ready to update and modernise your IT infrastructure with new server hardware
12 Jun 2020
network attached storage (NAS)

Synology RackStation RS1619xs+ review: One of the fastest appliances around

This powerhouse 1U rack NAS is the perfect choice for business backup, data protection and file sharing
10 Jun 2020
Server & storage

What is racetrack memory?

This experimental technology could change the face of how we store data
8 Jun 2020
Server & storage

Qnap TVS-972XU review: Hassle-free hybrid storage

A high-performing hybrid storage solution with plenty of features, although it could use more base memory
3 Jun 2020
Server & storage

Broadberry CyberServe R282-Z91 review: High frequency EPYCs at a good price

Broadberry’s CyberServe sets the gold standard for per-core performance
1 Jun 2020
network attached storage (NAS)

Western Digital accused of sneaking inferior SMR tech into NAS drives

The "deceptive" move represented a "ticking time bomb" for customer data, lawsuit claims
1 Jun 2020
Server & storage

Qsan XCubeNAS XN7008R review: A practical storage solution

Big on capacity and speed, this meaty rackmount NAS delivers enterprise-class protection at an SMB price
29 May 2020

How can organisations protect themselves from NAS ransomware attacks?

This growing threat challenges assumptions about the vulnerability of backups
28 May 2020
Server & storage

What is server redundancy?

When uptime is all-important, you need redundant servers on hand when trouble strikes
27 May 2020
Server & storage

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 review: An EPYC core density to make Intel weep

Dell delivers an object lesson in server design
26 May 2020
solid state storage (SSD)

Samsung's releases high-speed T7 SSD to the market

Device is capable of transferring 10GB of 4K video in eight seconds, company claims
22 May 2020