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In a large business – particularly a technology focused one – there will likely be an entire IT department focused on configuring the right server solutions for the organisation.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) will have fewer IT resources and potentially different demands from larger enterprises, and therefore may need more of a steer from external advisers. So how do they ensure that they are getting a server solution that will suit their needs?

The right fit

The first step towards acquiring the server that is right for your SMB is to understand and define the functions that you need it to fulfil for your company. From email to private cloud and everything in between, no two organisations’ server needs are alike, and those needs will define the specifications of your new server.

For instance, Scan’s system integration brand 3XS offers both hardware and software consultancy in order to deliver an IT solution that is optimised for your business requirements and doesn’t needlessly exceed them.

3XS offers a series of preconfigured servers aimed at SMBs on a simple scale of increasing capacity and performance. For companies more concerned with results than the intricacies of a bespoke build, a preconfigured 3XS server is an affordable and hassle-free option. 3XS will consult with you and recommend the server that will best fulfil your needs, and with next day delivery can have you up and running quickly and easily. It goes without saying that, in an IT emergency, that speed of rollout can be invaluable for your business.

3XS’s pre-configured servers are powered by AMD EPYC™ processors, providing an affordable yet powerful and versatile CPU solution, offering unparalleled core density and state-of-the-art security features including AMD Infinity Guard. This unique security feature enables SMBs to feel confident in the knowledge that the risk of attacks are minimised when data is processed, which could be critical when data is your biggest business asset. 3XS servers powered by AMD EPYC™ deliver on the promise of helping lower TCO and enable organisations, no matter the size, to build infrastructure for key workloads without feature compromise.


Identifying the server that best meets your SMB’s needs is only one piece of the puzzle. You want to make sure that you are working with a provider that will continue to support you beyond your purchase – both in the immediate future as you get your server up-and-running and further down the line when those vital workloads start to stack up.

As already discussed, every SMB’s needs are different. You may be in the lucky situation where you or one of your staff is suitably tech-savvy, in which case it may be simple enough to receive your new server from the courier and get it set up and working all on your own. If that is not the case, it is important to know that your provider can guide you through this process, making sure that it’s configured correctly in terms of connectivity, security and access control.

3XS offers a free, value-added virtual setup service to guide you through getting your server up and running, coordinating with you and the courier to find the ideal time slot after your server has been delivered in which to remotely access your system and lead you through the process of getting things set up. The process is inclusive, so that the customer can feel involved and in control of the proceedings, and will be in a position to ask questions about the server setup, filling in any gaps in their technical knowledge along the way.

If virtual setup isn’t enough, you may need to arrange for more hands-on assistance in getting your systems ready. 3XS, for instance, offers a consultancy and install service for an additional cost, which is ideal if you need an expert on-hand to ensure everything is configured the way it should be.

Beyond setup, it is wise to consider the long-term support that your provider offers. Servers will come with a warranty as standard, but how do they compare between providers? 3XS offers a three-year warranty, and will send an engineer out to complete any repairs in the first year. Warranty add-ons are often available if you feel your organisation’s systems require additional protection.

For an SMB, the availability of day-to-day support is an important factor in choosing a server provider. A provider may offer a helpline to troubleshoot any issues, but check what hours they are available. If the lines close at 5.30pm and you experience a serious problem at 5.35pm, you may have to spend a sleepless night waiting for the lines to open again at 9.30am. 3XS’s technical support team is available seven days a week and until 10pm on weeknights.

The majority of problems that 3XS support deals with are simple configuration issues which can be resolved quickly and easily by remotely accessing the user’s system. A good provider acknowledges its role in part of your wider IT team and will be happy to offer advice even when it strays beyond its official remit.

The needs of SMBs are variable. It’s important to identify the server that will help you best achieve your needs, but it’s equally vital to find a provider who you can work with to keep your systems running smoothly and effectively through installation and beyond.

Scan is an Elite Level member of the AMD EPYC Partner Program, awarded in recognition of Scan’s ability and competency to integrate AMD EPYC servers.

Learn more about Scan’s 3XS SMB Infrastructure servers powered by AMD EPYC™


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