Salesforce launches Einstein Voice Skills

Salesforce Logo on wall of office Reception

Salesforce has launched Einstein Voice Skills, a tool that will make it quick and easy for admins and developers to build customised voice-powered apps for anyone and everyone.

Unveiled at the company’s annual Dreamforce show in San Francisco this week, the latest addition to the AI-based platform will equip individuals in any role or industry with a handy way to make customer relationship management (CRM) much more personalised.

Einstein Voice Assistant was announced at last year’s Dreamforce event, so the arrival of Skills is building on that momentum, according to Ally Witherspoon, Senior director of product marketing, Einstein AI and analytics at Salesforce.

“You probably remember our fantastic announcement around Einstein Voice Assistant last year. [Now] we’re extending Einstein Voice Assistant with the addition of Einstein Voice Skills,” she said.

“You can build an application for your service agents, your sales manager, your retailers. Whatever their profile in Salesforce, they can have a custom app built for them.”

It can also be deployed in a matter of clicks to build custom apps for business processes, reducing the need for manual entry and, in turn, reducing the likelihood of introducing errors.

In addition, Salesforce will offer a capability called Einstein Call Coaching. This is designed for managers so they can better analyse call activity and contents, spot trends and, ultimately, optimise the experience customers have by arming sales reps with key insights.

By making use of natural language processing (NLP) to power voice analytics, the goal is to “drive smarter, more personalised customer engagement,” according to Salesforce.

Salesforce sees business-focused voice analytics and enhanced capabilities as a natural extension of what people have already become used to in the consumer world through smart devices such as Alexa and digital assistants such as Siri.

"Voice is a huge shift for the industry and will be as impactful in businesses as it's been in our homes," said Bret Taylor, Salesforce’s president and chief product officer.

"With Einstein, Salesforce is bringing the power of voice to every business, giving everyone an intelligent, trusted guide at work."

Maggie Holland

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