AWS’ Amplify Studio is now generally available 

A graphic illustrating the concept of low code development
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of its low-code visual development tool, AWS Amplify Studio.

Featuring a library of prebuilt user interface (UI) components, AWS Amplify Studio augments AWS Amplify to deliver a unified visual development environment for creating custom AWS web applications.

Developers can get started by using tool’s design environment to automatically configure AWS services, including Amazon Cognito for authentication, Amazon DynamoDB for databases, and Amazon S3 for storage, as foundation for their new applications.

The service also makes it possible to collaborate with UX designers using Figma, one of the most popular tools for designing and prototyping UIs. Developers can choose to incorporate off-the-rack UI components or add data and capabilities from AWS services—without writing any code.

The finished UI is automatically translated into JavaScript or TypeScript, giving developers complete control over the application’s design or behavior.

“Developers tell us that they want tools that help make them more productive when building on AWS without sacrificing the precision they need to deliver tailored experiences to their end users,” said Ken Exner, director of AWS Developer Tools at AWS.

“With AWS Amplify Studio, we are extending the same fast, flexible back-end development experience that customers love when using AWS Amplify to the UI creation process, so they can build feature-rich web applications with minimal coding.”


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“AWS Amplify Studio is a game changer for any developer building web applications on AWS, because it enables greater productivity without compromising control throughout the application development process,” added Exner.

AWS offers its Amplify Studio service in Ohio, North Virginia, North California, Oregon, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Central Canada, Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Stockholm, Bahrain, and São Paulo.

At the time of this writing, AWS Amplify Studio is free to use and requires no upfront commitment.