Humach announces acquisition of InfinitAI

Humach will add InfinitAI Agent Assist to its CX solution portfolio

Humah has scooped up InfinitAI, the Colorado-based provider of purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) technology and conversational design interface for contact center agent assistance.

Founded in 2015, Humach has long focused its business efforts on revolutionizing customer service experiences. By combining the strengths of humans and machines, and InfinitAI’s many customer-centric applications, Humach continues to drive its vision for intelligent contact centers able to deliver exceptional customer service experiences. 

As part of the acquisition, Humach will add InfinitAI Agent Assist to its CX solution portfolio. 

Designed to aid live agents in retrieving and verifying data for callers and customers, InfinitAI Agent Assist is a conversational interface - commonly known as a chatbot - capable of collecting information from databases, the web and other sources. For call center agents, InfinitAI Agent Assist gathers all of the information they need and puts it all into one convenient place.

In addition to deploying InfinitAI Agent Assist, Humach announced it’ll further revolutionize customer service experiences by using InfinitAI’s other applications to train, tune, visualize and validate vast quantities of conversation data.

By combining conversational design and deep process expertise with AI and machine learning capabilities, such solutions will allow for continuous improvements throughout the customer journey.

“Customer expectations have evolved, and delivering AI-powered conversational experiences with voice, chat and SMS improves resolution rates, customer satisfaction, and outcomes in the contact center. InfinitAI and Agent-Assist will help guide agents through successful customer journeys with real-time information and decision trees to improve customer experiences for all our customers,” said Tim Houlne, CEO of Humach. 

“We are delighted to join the talented Humach team to deliver exceptional customer experiences and operational efficiency using AI,” said Paul Smith, CEO of InfinitAI, who will become chief revenue officer for Humach as part of the acquisition.

To further enhance such capabilities, Humach has also teamed with cloud-based software companies to develop seamless integrations into various platforms, including Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Salesforce, Freshworks, Zendesk, UJET and Twilio.

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