Microsoft Teams to provide multi-account support

Microsoft Teams will provide support for multiple users and organizations on its desktop versions, according to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap website. Users will be able to add other accounts, including one personal and one school or work account. These accounts will be able to have separate profile pictures, and users can switch between them through their settings.

The feature is in development and will arrive to Microsoft Teams commercial and education users worldwide in December. This update applies to the desktop app. The mobile version already supports switching between personal and business accounts.

Microsoft Teams, initially launched in November 2016, is a chat-based collaboration tool within the Microsoft Office 365 suite of services. It gives in-office and remote teams a shared space to collaborate on projects and share information. Teams’ features include one-on-one chat, team chat, document collaboration, and more. Microsoft Teams is also integrated with Skype, SharePoint, Exchange, and Yammer.

Teams app has made several updates recently, including

  • The ability to appear offline to contacts
  • Support for up to 1,000 participants
  • Zapier, an automation app, will allow users to connect their apps and create automated workflows, reduce busywork and improve productivity.

Future features include Together mode (pulling users together into a virtual space), custom layouts, breakout rooms, meeting recaps and improved search results.

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred an increase of corporate and personal Microsoft Teams use, growing from 44 million to 115 million users in just six months.

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