Report: Apple is aware of iOS 13 hotspot disconnect issue

Since the release of iOS 13.1.2, Apple iPhone and iPad users have complained about intermittent Wi-Fi hotspot disconnects. For the most part, the complaints have gone unaddressed, but a new report from MacRumors shows Apple is likely aware of the situation.

According to the report, Apple distributed an internal document to its authorized service providers, telling them to expect customers with complaints about hotspot-connection issues, including intermittent disconnects.

Though there is no fix yet, the memo advised service providers of a workaround – simply turn the hotspot off and back on. While this is just fine for the occasional hotspot users, if you travel for business and rely on this hotspot for your on-the-road connection, this could become quite a headache.

iOS 13.4 is due out soon, and some are hoping this update will address the issue. Unfortunately, Apple has not mentioned this in any of its update notes.

Until Apple releases a patch for this issue, we recommend verifying you are connected before submitting any long forms via your Wi-Fi hotspot. Few things are more frustrating than completing a long form and hitting “submit,” only to get the dreaded “Can’t reach this page” error.

We’ll bring you updates as we learn more about Apple’s fix for this now-known hotspot issue.