HP and Jabra team up to simplify socially-distanced meeting rooms

(Image credit: Jabra HP meeting room bundle)

HP and Jabra have teamed up to create a video conferencing bundle designed especially for meetings in the new normal.

The bundle includes the Jabra Panacast, a plug-and-play 4K video camera with panoramic, 180-degree viewing. HP provides its Elite Slice control panel, which offers one-touch controls for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The Jabra Panacast camera allows teams to sit in one room while remaining socially-distanced. The camera’s Intelligent Zoom feature automatically adjusts the zoom as attendees come and go so everyone’s in the frame without moving the camera.

The Jabra x Elite Slice bundle is Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms certified and boasts simple setup and operation. It also allows for remote operation and tech support, which can benefit companies with remote IT departments.

"The launch of the Jabra x HP Elite Slice bundle comes at an exciting time for businesses worldwide as they are optimizing workspaces to the new normal of hybrid work, and provisioning safe and productive environments," said Aurangzeb Khan, SVP of Intelligent Vision Systems at Jabra.

"We are thrilled to be working with HP to offer users a no-compromise, one-stop solution to meeting room setups. We are certain that the top-of-the-class products that make this bundle will help businesses take their conferencing and collaboration capabilities to new heights."

"Businesses are constantly looking for ways to simplify the video conference experience," said Loretta Li-Sevilla, sr. director worldwide office of the future and collaboration business, HP. "Pairing our versatile meeting room system, HP Elite Slice, with the Jabra PanaCast for the Jabra x HP Elite Slice bundle, customers can improve productivity and collaboration in a seamless all-in-one, easily managed solution.".

Jabra’s been relatively busy in the collaboration space, as teamed up with 8x8 in April to create a new line of headsets that improve remote workers’ call clarity.

As many companies continue moving toward hybrid working, with some team members in the office and others working remotely, optimizing conference rooms for video meetings is a new challenge.

The Jabra z HP Elite Slice Bundle looks to make this process a little easier, and it will be available through select distributors starting in mid-October.