RBS 6 Nations hops on analytics train with Accenture


Big Data firm and the RBS 6 Nations have teamed up to bring rugby fans greater insight into the 15 games of the annual tournament through analytics.

The company has brought together a team of experts, including Italy and South Africa coach Nick Mallett and former England internationals Ben Kay and David Flatman.

The analysis team will bring together their own expertise and insight and combine it with the analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools offered by Accenture to provide a data-driven perspective on the games of the 2016 tournament.

Nick Mallett said: "The importance of data in sport has been growing steadily for well over a decade, with coaches all around the world seeking to gain even the smallest advantage on the field.

"I believe that by utilising the smartest analysis ... fans will be able to review not just game-changing moments but the reasons behind them; the game plan, how single moments affect results and, more importantly, have an improved fan experience during the RBS 6 Nations."

Nick Millman, managing director of Big Data and analytics delivery lead Europe, Africa and Latin America at Accenture, added: "Bringing Ben Kay and David Flatman onto the team to supplement Nick Mallett's extensive international rugby experience will ensure the analysis team has the very best rugby knowledge to sit alongside our technical expertise.

"Our team will study two million rows of data per game using Accenture analytics tools to provide fans with insights that not only help them see the game in a new way but also enrich their RBS 6 Nations experience, for what is shaping up to be a very exciting Championship."

The use of analytics to improve fan experience is becoming more and more popular in sport, with the Women's Tennis Association and SAP pairing up in 2015 to offer new insights into the game.

Analysis from the Accenture team will be tweeted via @AccentureRugby throughout the RBS 6 Nations 2016 tournament.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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