New Dell/EMC name revealed at EMC World 2016

Michael Dell has unveiled the new name for Dell and EMC once the two companies finish their merger at the end of this year.

Joking that he was rather fond of his own family name, Dell told delegates at EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas that the family of companies currently known as the EMC Federation is to become Dell Technologies.

However, the EMC name will live on in the form of Dell EMC - the new name for the enterprise business division - and EMC II, the infrastructure division.

In addition to Dell EMC and EMC II, Dell Technologies will also comprise VMware, SecureWorks, Pivotal, Dell (the client solutions business) and Virtustream.

"I've been looking forward to being right here on this stage since October, when we first announced the definitive agreement to combine Dell and EMC," said Dell during his section of the opening keynote. "We're creating the next great technology company for all you [customers and partners] to pave the way for your future - a future that will be defined by technology that is so powerful that it's hard to comprehend what is even possible."

"We are combining Dell with EMC to create the one best, most trusted, most innovative partner to help you navigate a successful path, to modernise your IT, to make it more agile, more efficient, easier to manage, but also help you create a digital future," he said.

Dell also used his section of the conference's opening keynote to talk up the power of being a privately held company - something he also made much of at Dell World 2015 - saying it will allow the newly formed company to take a longer view and make more solid future investments.

"All of this we get to operate as a private company under a private structure. We can invest for the long term, no 90-day shop talk, and [have] complete alignment from our massive innovation agenda to our leadership and our ownership 100 per cent focused on you, our customers," he said.

There is still no fixed date for when the acquisition will be completed, as it is still waiting to be given the green light by the Chinese regulator, but a slide seen by IT Pro suggests the two companies are anticipating becoming one ahead of the next Dell World conference, which takes place in mid-October.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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