Google announces European research centre

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Google has announced the launch of Google Research in Europe, which will concentrate on furthering research on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Google Research Europe will be based in Zurich and will offer researchers the opportunity to develop new products and services for the company, while conducting research that could help us get a better understanding of the capabilities of automation.

"The team will actively research ways in which to improve ML infrastructure, broadly facilitating research for the community, and enabling it to be put to practical use," Emmanuel Mogenet, head of Google Research in Europe, said.

"Furthermore, researchers in the Zurich office will be uniquely able work closely with team linguists, advancing Natural Language Understanding in collaboration with Google Research groups across the world, all while enjoying Mountain Views of a different kind."

Previously, Google's boss Sundar Pichai has expressed his excitement about artificial intelligence and the way it can be used by companies like Google to develop super-intelligent computers.

"Europe is home to some of the world's premier technical universities, making it an ideal place to build a top-notch research team," Mogenet added.

"We look forward to collaborating with all the the excellent computer science research that is coming from the region, and hope to contribute towards the wider academic community through our publications and academic support."

Some of Google's previous achievements in artificial intelligence and machine learning include Google Translate, which contextualises conversations in multiple languages in real time, Photo Search, which finds the original source of photos and SmartReply for Inbox, which automatically replies to emails in a Google inbox.

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