Who will be the winner of the 01/10/100 pitch-off?

Monday 12 June marks the start of London Tech Week, and this year the Alphr/IT Pro 01/10/100 event takes place the following day. After last year's hugely successful networking event, this year, in association with Samsung, we are doing something a little different...

This year we have invited four amazing technology companies to a pitch-off. Each will have three minutes to persuade our crack team of judges that they should win a brilliant prize of a year's worth of mentoring from Samsung on business, technology, marketing, or whatever they need most.

And both Alphr and IT Pro will be following the companies over the course of a year, telling their story as they develop their business. Each one of the companies that have made the shortlist have the potential to be big, profitable businesses -- but which one will be our winner on the night?

Who are they?

Entertainment Intelligence

Entertainment Intelligence (Ei) is changing the way the music industry collects, views and utilises data. Not a generic reporting platform, Ei builds tailor-made, ever evolving solutions to help the industry truly understand the market, to save time and to increase efficiencies.


The fun film app for movie buffs, MovieSweep features film clips and trivia and challenges players to test their knowledge of the industry.


SoundVault is a highly efficient, secure music 'synchronisation license (sync)' and performance royalty payment gateway. Designed by industry experts and technologists to revolutionise the sync licensing process. Exceptional usability for both buyers and uploaders, allowing music to be instantly identified, tested and purchased, broadcast ready.


Spixii is a digital app dedicated to making insurance quicker, easier and more personal than ever before. With a simple conversation, find out what insurance would be right for you in an instant. Finally no more form-filling. No more confusing jargon. This is insurance made simple.

Who are the judges?

Anna Perkins - Head of B2B campaigns, Samsung

Anna Perkins has more than 20 years' B2B marketing and communications experience. She has worked with some of the world's largest brands including Vodafone, HP, Equifax and Arup as well as small start-ups offering innovative and game-changing solutions to the world of work. Anna has a passion for challenging the traditional view of B2B marketing and finding creative ways to engage with business audiences through every customer channel and touch point. She has a love of branding and an advocate of clear and concise communications: B2B should be brilliant, never boring!

Ian Betteridge - Editorial director, Alphr.com

Ian has been covering the technology market since 1995, all the way through the rise of the internet, the dotcom boom (and bust), and the takeover of the market by mobile technology since the early 2000's. He's currently editorial director of Alphr.com.

Leon Gauhman - Founder of Hive

Leon says he "loves technology and intuitively understands how it can be deployed to solve problems. I founded Hive where I combined technical expertise, creativity and business knowledge to oversee the development of new products for Hive's ventures and corporate clients. Additionally, I mentor at Wayra, Seedcamp and am an occasional investor."

Maggie Holland - Editorial director, B2B (Channel Pro, Cloud Pro & IT Pro)

Maggie has been a journalist since 1999. She became Group Editor across IT Pro and Cloud Pro in 2012 and was then appointed the editorial director of all three B2B tech sites (including Channel Pro) in 2016. Her areas of particular interest, aside from collaboration and the cloud, including how technology is changing the shape of business, environmental issues, careers, innovation and diversity.

Paul Cash - Chief rooster

As chief rooster at Rooster Punk, Paul is passionate about helping the leaders of ambitious and visionary companies communicate their ideas and products through the power of story. Paul is an author and leading thinker on creating meaningful brands. He's also a big believer in business as a 'force for good'. Prior to founding Rooster Punk, Paul co-founded multi-award winning technology agency, Tidalwave. Follow him on Twitter: @Zagology

Samsung is bringing businesses around the UK the good days they deserve. Throughout June, we've got events, prizes and offers coming your way - learn more here


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