The rich list: Who are the wealthiest people in IT?

6. Jeff Bezos (Worth: $29.1bn)

Amazon's growth sees no sign of slowing anytime soon, and its success has made founder Jeff Bezos into one of the richest people in tech. The company might still not turn a profit, but with the Kindle continuing to sport healthy sales figures and Amazon Prime expanding in various countries, ethical concerns that have surrounded the company for the last couple of years don't seem to be denting its bottom line too much. Bezos also founded human spaceflight startup, Blue Origin, in 2000.

Interesting fact: It is said that Bezos not only disassembled his crib at three-years-old, but also rigged an electric alarm for his room as a teenager in an effort to keep his younger siblings out.

5. Larry Page (Worth: $29.4bn)

With big changes at Google, CEO Larry Page is one of the most notable figures in IT in 2014. One of the company's two co-founders (along with fellow Stanford PhD student Sergey Brin), he was made CEO in 2011 and has helped the company to grow and thrive in the years since. Page is also an investor in Tesla Motors and, with the help of, has invested in renewable energy technology in ways including the promotion of plug-in hybrid electric cars.

Interesting fact: Page suffers from paralysed vocal chords due to an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and he has reportedly donated significant sums of money to the Voice Heath Institute.

Tom Brewster

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