Unqork and TransferWise join Finxact Marketplace’s to modernize banking technology

man with banking tech in front of him

Today, Finxact announced it’s adding two new fintech companies, Unqork and TransferWise, to its Finxact Marketplace. The Finxact Marketplace is a network of innovative fintech companies that provide banks with core banking options, including cloud technology, to help them keep up with today’s fast-changing banking industry.

TransferWise, a $5 billion fintech company, uses API to improve the way banks move money around the globe.

Abid Mumtaz, Global Head of TransferWise for Banks, said, "I'm excited to announce TransferWise's partnership with Finxact, a company that similarly values transparency. TransferWise ultimately wants to ensure that everyone has access to fast, cheap, and transparent international money exchange, and this partnership with Finxact is the next step in achieving this mission."

Unqork is a no-code platform that improves quality while lowering the cost of mission-critical application development. The company received a $2 billion valuation following a recent capital raise.

"Unqork's no-code platform was designed to support mission-critical applications in regulated industries like financial services, so joining the Finxact Marketplace makes perfect sense," said Brian Karimi-Pashaki, Director, Technology Partnerships & Marketplace, Unqork. "It's now easier than ever for Finxact customers to get started building the bank of the future with Unqork and, as a result, we are going to drive a lot of value in the industry."