artificial intelligence (AI)


What is hyperautomation and how will it transform business?

This new way of managing and executing processes and tasks promises to shake up every business sector
18 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Coronavirus forces social media to rely heavily on AI moderation

The pandemic has put social media’s automated takedown software to the test - with some room for error
17 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

When it comes to AI, the EU is a very small fish in a very big pond

Recent proposals around the regulation of artificial intelligence show just how irrelevant the EU has become
13 Mar 2020
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How organisations unlock their data capital with artificial intelligence

The thoughtful application of AI offers hope to organisations looking for actionable insight
2 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Google parent Alphabet wants to protect the ocean with 'fish recognition'

The X experimental division’s Tidal team aims to make fish farming more sustainable with cutting-edge tech
2 Mar 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Microsoft and IBM back Pope’s pledge for ethical AI

Pope previously warned Silicon Valley that unethical AI may lead to "unfortunate regression to a form of barbarism'"
28 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

AI identifies 11 earth-bound asteroids

The Hazardous Object Identifier decrees that 11 asteroids are more dangerous than NASA predicted
18 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Bee-based AI software could power next-generation drones

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have generated an AI buzz by looking at how bees navigate
17 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

MIT develops AI tech to edit outdated Wikipedia articles

The technology uses machine learning to automatically spot and replace information, with the goal of aiding human editors
13 Feb 2020
machine learning

Microsoft unveils 'largest ever' AI natural language model

T-NLG has over twice as many parameters as Nvidia’s MegatronLM
11 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

MPs claim AI 'doesn't need' a new regulator

But the Committee on Standards in Public Life warns government regulators need to adjust to AI challenges
11 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Amazon to help businesses develop custom voices for Alexa

Colonel Sanders will now reply to KFC customers instead of the default Alexa voice
5 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

How to spot – if not fix – algorithmic bias

The Apple Card debacle reveals that much more work needs to be done before algorithms make decisions for us
2 Feb 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Government releases guide for AI use in the public sector

It advises a careful and considerate approach to the tech, rather than rampant adoption
30 Jan 2020

Cisco WebEx will use voice tools to exploit ‘next frontier’ of data insights

Translation and transcription tools being introduced are supported by AI and machine learning
29 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Google demos real-time speech to text translation

Google Translate tool will turn smartphones into real-time translators using AI
29 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Birmingham NHS trust passes medical data to Telefonica without patient consent

The data was anonymised and used to train Telefonica's mental health predicting AI
27 Jan 2020

How can facial recognition be made safer?

AI brings a new dimension to the balance between security and privacy, with boundaries of acceptable behaviour yet to be set
24 Jan 2020
digital transformation

NHS to inject more robots into healthcare with UWE Bristol partnership

Robotics could help care for an ‘ageing population requiring ever more complex treatment’
23 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

How Bank of America uses AI to improve customer service and take on competitors

From its chatbot to fraud detection and trading data analysis, BoA is embracing artificial intelligence in a big way
22 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Lufthansa Group to tackle flight delays with Google Cloud migration

The airline will develop an AI-based platform to streamline operations should bad weather or flight delays effect service
21 Jan 2020
Microsoft facial recognition
artificial intelligence (AI)

Microsoft disagrees with EU facial-recognition ban

Microsoft president believes it's better to use facial recognition tech to learn how to improve it
21 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Google CEO says it's time to regulate AI

Sundar Pichai argues that guardrails are needed in an age of deepfakes and facial recognition
20 Jan 2020