artificial intelligence (AI)

artificial intelligence (AI)

Robots are supposed to steal our jobs – so why haven’t they during the coronavirus crisis?

Robots are already making some progress in healthcare settings, but they need more support if they're to make a real difference
13 Jul 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

New global alliance plans to fight coronavirus with AI

CAIAC aims to establish an advisory group consisting of UN organisations
10 Jul 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Royal Marsden powers virtual COVID-19 agent with IBM Watson

Ask Maisie will give key workers access to the latest HR information and workplace policies
8 Jul 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

AI helps build PlayStation 4 consoles in just 30 seconds

Even the most delicate processes are handled by robots
6 Jul 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Computer vision – have you seen the light?

From detecting tumours to identifying wear in machines, computer vision can help improve our world – but not everything is plain sailing
6 Jul 2020
IBM building
artificial intelligence (AI)

IBM unveils AI-powered inventory control system

The Sterling Inventory Control Tower uses real-time intel to build resilient supply chains
2 Jul 2020
Business operations

AI news: Europe lags behind on AI patents as Samsung dominates

The South Korean company registered 5,073 patents between 2010 and 2020 while British firms registered just 535
2 Jul 2020

Area 1 Security raises $25 million in growth funding

Company provides AI-driven protection against phishing
30 Jun 2020

AWS launches CodeGuru to identify 'most expensive' code

The automated service can identify the most CPU-intensive lines of code and suggest ways to make improvements
30 Jun 2020

Amazon snaps up driverless car startup Zoox for $1.2 billion

The California-based company will feed into Amazon’s plans to build a force to rival Alphabet’s Waymo
26 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Fujitsu announces AI monitor that tracks hand-washing

Hand-washing AI recognizes complex hand movements and can tell when people don’t use soap
22 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Intel reveals 3rd-gen 'Cooper Lake' Xeon Scalable processors

Chipmaker shows continued interest in AI workloads with bfloat16-based CPU
19 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Businesses put AI innovation on hold to avoid public backlash

A major analysis of barriers to AI adoption highlights bias and a lack of explainability among key risk factors
18 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Is your business getting the most out of AI?

How AI can change the game for business – and the questions you should ask to make it work for you
15 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Four business benefits of AI-powered analytics

How augmented analytics is revolutionising our systems
12 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

OpenAI launches language tool once deemed ‘too dangerous to make public’

The API has been released commercially as a private beta so OpenAI can control its distribution and fund its other research
12 Jun 2020
Business strategy

Tech firms are saving face by dropping facial recognition

This dangerously unreliable technology should never have been used by law enforcement
12 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

IBM to kill its own facial recognition technology

The unethical use of AI by law enforcement raises alarms after two weeks of Black Lives Matter protests
9 Jun 2020
content management system (CMS)whitepaper

The IT expert’s guide to AI and content management

Your guide to the biggest opportunities for IT teams when it comes to AI and content management
2 Jun 2020
content management system (CMS)whitepaper

How a cloud-native CMS makes content delivery faster and easier

Deliver the experiences your customers expect by moving to a modern, cloud-native content management foundation
2 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Microsoft to replace journalists with AI

The tech giant is shifting away from humans in favour of automated news, according to reports
1 Jun 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

Can Microsoft's new approach to AI erase the memory of Tay?

How one disastrous AI project inspired a new way of thinking at Microsoft
30 May 2020
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artificial intelligence (AI)

Tech workers fear jobs will be automated in response to coronavirus

67% of tech employees fear AI and automation will take their place
28 May 2020