Google Cloud unveils AI contact center focused on vaccine equity

COVID-19 vaccine container and syringe
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Google Cloud has expanded its Intelligent Vaccine Impact solutions (IVIs) platform to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

The expanded IVIs platform now includes a Contact Center AI (CCAI) with intelligent virtual agents that understand and offer real-time responses to customers' vaccine queries 24/7. Customers can use various methods to contact an agent, including chat, text, web, mobile, and phone.

Through a secure web channel, CCAI’s virtual agents can also direct users to local resources, answer questions, and provide assistance at each step of the process, including registration, eligibility, locating vaccination sites, and appointment scheduling process. Furthermore, callers can alter their appointment time or date over the phone instead of logging into a website.

“This technology is especially important in reaching those with limited technology proficiency; those without access to a computer, a smartphone, or the internet; and those who are non-native speakers, as CCAI supports up to 28 languages and dialects,” comments Mike Daniels, vice president of global public sector at Google Cloud.

Built on Google Cloud’s industry-leading Conversational AI, CCAI also offers protection against fraud and threats. Most notably, virtual agents within the CCAI platform allow public health agencies to automatically update their responses in real-time for rapidly changing questions related to vaccine eligibility.


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For instance, CCAI has helped New York’s state government deliver real-time answers to New Yorkers’ most pressing concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. A 25% reduction in incoming calls was achieved via the CCAI program, as constituents used virtual agents to obtain information and answers. This allowed the call center personnel to devote themselves to more unique questions and cases.

“The virtual agents will not replace human agents, but will provide a menu of interactive options. AI assisted call centers can expedite the delivery of information, triage calls and streamline the final resolution based on the needs of the individual. To accommodate the diverse New York population, the State also provided enhanced options by enabling the virtual agents to understand and respond in Spanish, with plans to add more languages soon,” added Google.