IBM to make Watson Orchestrate generally available

IBM Watson

IBM is extending access to its artificial intelligence-powered automation platform, Watson Orchestrate.

Currently in preview, Watson Orchestrate’s AI engine helps automates tasks based on organizational knowledge and prior interactions. For convenience, user requests are routed to the system using natural language.

The service will be available to clients beginning June 30, but will not be generally available just yet, IBM said.

Watson Orchestrate also supports integration with Salesforce, SAP, Workday, and other enterprise applications to help businesses automate emails, schedule meetings, request approvals, and more.

The automation platform complements IBM's recent acquisition of Boston-based application resource management (ARM) and network performance management (NPM) software provider Turbonomic.

Underscoring partners’ role in the platform’s success, general manager of IBM Automation Dinesh Nirmal said, “I would say partners play the biggest role in Watson Orchestrate because they are the folks who can really multiply the impact of Watson Orchestrate across enterprises or small businesses or individuals.”

Nirmal further stated that small businesses can also take advantage of an advanced digital assistant like Watson Orchestrate to modernize IT operations, irrelevant of the industry.

In an interview with CRN, Angela Hood, CEO and founder of ThisWay Global, explained how the company integrates its human resources recruiting technology with existing customer environments using IBM’s automation software.

“IBM’s automation technology will help with employee morale by getting rid of mundane, cumbersome tasks that they repeat day to day”, Hood said.