Currys eyes cloud overhaul in a bid for generative AI adoption

Currys External Store Sign on May 2023 in London, England.
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Currys has announced plans to embark on a large-scale digital transformation project in partnership with Microsoft and Accenture, with the firm looking to overhaul its cloud capabilities to spur AI adoption. 

The consumer tech retailer says it aims to implement the latest AI technologies to enhance operations and improve customer shopping experiences, as well as improve staff experience for its 25,000 employees.  

Accenture and Microsoft will assist the firm as it looks to “modernize, secure and simplify its technology estate”, helping to enable the adoption of Microsoft’s Azure-based AI services and systems.

“By leveraging these Microsoft AI technologies, Currys can unlock value across every part of the business,” Microsoft said in a blog post.  

With regard to Currys customers, this value will be generated by two key improvements to the customer experience and product purchase processes, the retailer said. 

Currys aims to make it “easier to shop” through the creation of personalized product information and tailored customer suggestions generated by AI.

AI will also be used to support post-sales experiences for customers and streamline warranty services. 

From a staff perspective, the retailer aims to provide colleagues with a greater level of task-related information, granting “faster and easier access” to details on product availability, delivery costs, and add-on services. 

This will also help improve customer experience by better placing staff to serve the needs of customers, as well as gaining Currys access to more advanced cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

AI will “drive growth” at Currys

As part of the firm's strategy, Currys also said it will use AI to drive “future growth and profitability” through the implementation of AI into marketing, HR, finance, and legal processes. 


This will increase productivity across the firm’s “core business functions,” and the retailer said AI will also help “improve omnichannel experiences”.

“Building a strong digital core will enable Currys to take its customer service and employee experience to the next level, and more quickly harness the potential of AI and generative AI to drive its ongoing reinvention,” Julie Sweet, chair and CEO of Accenture, said.

“Together with Microsoft, we are helping Currys raise the bar in the retail industry, reach new frontiers of performance and efficiency, and create new value and growth,” she added. 

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