Five must-have capabilities in a modern iPaaS

A guide from Boomi sharing the five modern iPaaS must-haves
(Image credit: Boomi)

Data orchestration can be considered as one of  the biggest challenges facing businesses today. It is vital to connect digital architectures together and ensure an orchestrated distribution of data because users expect secure device agnostic access to information.  

If not, your staff could be burdened with data silos, manual data entry processes, and poor data visibility across the organization. Boomi has put together this guide which will help decision makers strategically evaluate solutions which will  integrate on-premises applications, data, and cloud applications. 

This whitepaper will help you learn about the five modern iPaaS must-haves:

  • Cloud application and API-centric integration capabilities
  • Strong data integration and governance functionality
  • Workflow and automation functionality
  • AI and augmentation to speed and ease integration
  • Relevant customer references.

Data is regarded as one of the leading drivers of digital innovation. Get introduced to a modern platform  that takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the cloud,  AI, machine learning, and augmented capabilities.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Provided by  Boomi


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