IBM buys Watchfire

IBM today announced it has agreed to purchase security and compliance testing software company Watchfire.

The privately held company is being purchased for an undisclosed amount.

On completion of the deal, IBM plans to combine Watchfire's technology with its existing Rational software products. The Rational line of software development tools allow users to conduct performance tests while developing software as well as perform process management.

Watchfire's expertise lies in web application security and helping customers reduce security risks while ensuring regulatory compliance.

"Online security and privacy incidents are on the rise which can result in loss of customer trust, costly technology and business remedies and often legal battles. Watchfire technology, together with IBM, can help customers reduce these security risks and the associated costs to their bottom line" IBM said in a statement.

The Watchfire deal is the latest in a string of security-related acquisitions by leading IT firms. Recently, the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and Google have been acquiring security companies and technology to combat malicious software attacks and spam mail.