Lloyds TSB expands change management

Lloyds TSB has said the implementation of process adaptive technology (PAT) software to enhance project management and governance across its businesses will be rolled out on an enterprise-wide basis.

The UK-based financial services group with global operations has been using the web-based technology to manage project lifecycles for some months already.

But the workflow, dashboards and reporting toolkit will now be used to provide consistent change management, reporting and governance processes for the hundreds of projects in its portfolio, crossing the 300 business units within its UK Retail Banking, Insurance and Investments, and Wholesale and International Banking divisions.

When the bank revealed earlier this month that it had initially started using the PAT toolkit from specialist vendor, Ninth Wave, it said it had plans to roll it out to 2,000 project managers while many other will be given access to the data they will hold.

Derek Radcliffe, Lloyds TSB change management services director this week added: "Lloyds TSB has well established change management processes and PAT provides a solution to enforce their use in a consistent, efficient and effective manner. It will help support the evolving needs of the bank, providing a flexible and scaleable software solution that can be adapted to meet our ongoing requirements."