PC power to increase a million-fold

The desktop PC of 2033 will be a Goliath beast, according to Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

The IT manufacturer has predicted that the current rates of development in computing systems will see the power of a desktop PC increase a million-fold.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is foreseeing a growth in available bandwidth by 200,000 times over the next 25 years.

Senior technology strategist at Fujitsu Siemens Computers Dave Pritchard believes that computers in 2033 will be vastly different to their modern day contemporaries and will take on a multitude of customised portable forms.

"A quarter of a century on, PCs will have taken on many different shapes and sizes," he said. "The ordinary PC will be running at the equivalent of three petahertz, it'll have 100,000 cores or more, a petabyte of memory, half an exabyte of storage and connect to the internet with a bandwidth of over a quarter of a terabyte."

Fujitsu Siemens Computers also said that PCs may alert and 'talk' to their users. The IT manufacturer said it is conceivable that in a quarter of a century people will be using small electronic implants that enable the computer to alert them to the arrival of important new information through some form of physical or mental stimulation.

"We may also see more advanced sensory devices that enable you to control the computer just by 'thinking' the commands. This may seem far-fetched at the moment but the technology is already being developed and has been proven to work. It will simply be a matter of training your mind to work in that way," Pritchard said.

"IT technology is still in its infancy, and if likened to the development of mankind, we have yet to discover fire. Discovering fire will be the point at which computer systems start to think for themselves, once this happens we will see an even greater increase in the speed of development," Pritchard added.