Microsoft unveils 'Mojave' OS experiment

Microsoft is looking to prove Windows Vista is better than you think by publishing the results of its Microsoft "Mojave" experiment online.

Last week, Microsoft rounded up a group of Vista bashers and showed them videos of its new operating system "Mojave", to what it claims was generally positive reaction.

However, the videos were actually of Vista - a fact which Microsoft is using to justify its argument that the perception of Vista is actually worse than the reality.

Whatever you may think of this dubious experiment, Microsoft is clearly very pleased with the results and has now posted up the reactions of the experiment's participants.

Unfortunately, watching the testimonies left us with the feeling that the users would have been equally as happy with a copy of Windows 98 so impressed are they with its basic features.

In one video a woman giggles delightedly at the parental controls, while another man proclaims himself stunned at the instant search feature. Even more incredibly, one woman eulogises over the ability to tab through open Windows.

You can view the experiment here.