Lenovo joins netbook party

Lenovo has announced the launch of two new netbooks, the IdeaPad S9 and the S10. The models will sport 8.9in and a 10.2in displays respectively, offering 1,024 x 600 resolution.

The machines will be Intel Atom powered and will come with either 512MB or 1GB RAM and either an 80 or 160GB hard disc. Alternatively, a 4GB solid state drive will also be available.

The netbooks will feature Wi-Fi with optional Bluetooth and will sport a webcam, an Expresscard slot and 4-in-1 card reader and two USB ports. Users can specify Windows XP or Linux.

Lenovo says that it has engineered the netbooks to reduce the heat emitted on key contact areas such as the bottom of the PC, the palm rest and the keyboard. It also says it has added one button data recovery, through its OneKey Rescue System, bringing some of the higher features of its notebooks such as the ThinkPad X300

To appeal to consumers as will come in a range of colours from blue, pink, and red - though business users might prefer the black or white options.

The Lenovo IdeaPads will be available from early October at 279 including VAT for the S9 and 319 including VAT for the S10. However, this compares poorly to the US price, which is only $399 for the S10, equivalent to only 204 in today's pricing.

With the announcement joins the like of Asus and MSI in the netbook arena and joins top tier manufactures such as HP and Acer.

Benny Har-Even

Benny Har-Even is a twenty-year stalwart of technology journalism who is passionate about all areas of the industry, but telecoms and mobile and home entertainment are among his chief interests. He has written for many of the leading tech publications in the UK, such as PC Pro and Wired, and previously held the position of technology editor at ITPro before regularly contributing as a freelancer.

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