Week in Review: Cloudy times for Microsoft

Ballmer: Microsoft to launch cloud OS

Cloud computing' it's the latest hot IT buzzword which nobody is totally clear about in terms of meaning, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer from declaring that the tech giant will create an operating system specifically for it. Entertaining as usual, Ballmer said the new OS was necessary because it was difficult for people to write cloud applications. Ballmer sees a future where software will become more like web applications which users will simply click to run.

Nokia reveals touchscreen 'Tube' phone

Ahead of the public airing of Nokia's first ever touch-screen phone the at Camden's Koko nightclub, the chief executive praises its competitors, including the likes of Apple and Google. He says the new competition has helped to accelerate the interest in using the internet over mobile phones.

New e-crime unit finally gets funding

The Home Office gives the go ahead to help fund a 7 million Police Central e-crime Unit which will provide specialist officers and initiate cross-force investigations for e-crime. Based in the Met Police, it is looking to start operations in spring next year.

MI6 uses Facebook to recruit spies

Are you a budding James Bond? Then Facebook may offer you to chance to work for MI6. Three different advertisements have been launched on the social networking website which will give the chance for would-be spies to apply online.

Your views: Mobiles on planes = bad news

After IT PRO's little rant/discussion about the merits of Ryanair announcing plans to allow the use of mobile phones mid-flight, we asked readers what they thought about it. The response was overwhelming you aren't particularly happy about your peace being disturbed.