Video: Gmail adds voice and video chat

Google Mail and Google Apps customers are not limited to the text they see on screen anymore, as they can now chat using voice and video.

Google's new voice and video chat service, dubbed Gmail Voice and Video' is located right within Gmail, as an addition to the chat feature already installed. Google Apps customers can also use the service.

The service is free and can be used without a webcam for voice chat only, or with a webcam for both voice and video chat. All browsers that support Gmail, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox will support the chat.

To try it out, open a Gmail chat window, click on "Video more" and then click on "Start video chat" or "Start voice chat." Watch this video for a demonstration:

Earlier this year, Gmail for Mobile 2.0 was launched as well as Gmail 'Goggles' to stop drunken emails.