CloudHQ fully integrates Gmail with Google Sheets

Gmail application icon on a smartphone screen
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

CloudHQ has released an upgraded version of its Chrome-based web application that enables users to export important Gmail conversations to Google Sheets.

Dubbed “Export Email to Google Sheets,” the app is fully integrated with Gmail and G-suite, eliminating the need for physical storage devices to save data.

"Copying the information in emails from Gmail to Sheets gives small businesses the power to sort, analyze, and prepare email data in ways that simply wasn't possible before," said Naomi Assaraf, co-founder and chief marketing officer, cloudHQ.

Using the email parser feature in Export Email to Google Sheets, businesses can dissect invoices, signup or interest emails, order notifications, email campaign reports, and more for rapid integration with data analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Users can also create custom parsing rules to extract target keywords or leverage spreadsheets to filter and organize exported data by standard Gmail nomenclature, including Cc and Bcc. When used to extract and save all text from an email into a single PDF document, Export Email to Google Sheets makes for easy and error-free translation and sharing via a PDF attachment or Google Drive instead of forwarding an email dozens of times.

You can also track bounced and bad emails imported to spreadsheets using a Gmail label for re-examining. You can also link order and delivery tracking emails to supply chain management tools for greater visibility and improved operational efficiency.

"If your business receives a specific type of email all the time, and you use Gmail as your email provider, Export Gmail to Google Sheets is a powerful tool you can use to automate and improve how you respond to those emails," Assaraf said.

Export Gmail to Google Sheets comes with basic and premium plans. The basic plan offers support for 50 parsed emails per month, while the Premium Plan is unlimited.