NAO unveils UK’s first outsourcing accreditation

Given the increase in outsourcing deals in recent years, business decision makers keen to ensure they're on the right track with their partnerships can take comfort in the arrival of a new set of qualifications focused on this area.

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) has designed the UK's first accredited professional outsourcing oriented training programmes under the umbrella of its recently formed professional development arm NOA Pathway.

The qualifications are accredited by Middlesex University and span a range of areas and entry points from entry level to a masters level NOA Diploma in strategic global outsourcing.

"Globalisation has accelerated the rise of outsourcing. While this brings opportunities, it also brings some challenges. Until now, there has been no common best practice standard or benchmark for outsourcing and there is no way of recognising whether staff involved know their subject or not. NOA Pathways helps organisations evaluate suppliers/vendors and enables them to trust the supplier's outsourcing knowledge, commitment and ability," said Martyn Hart, the NOA's chairman.

"By offering accredited professional development in outsourcing, NOA Pathway is establishing a recognisable kite mark for quality in the outsourcing industry. In line with the NOA's commitment to best practice, NOA Pathway was created to increase outsourcing professionals' expertise, confidence and knowledge of the outsourcing industry and to help organisations' outsourcing teams stay ahead of developments in the outsourcing world."

The aim of the new programmes is to equip both individuals and businesses with the know-how and expertise to ensure outsourcing best practice, which in turn will result in competitive advantage, according to the NOA.

Aside from the high level masters diploma, the other qualifications on offer include the NOA Professional Certificate (NOAC), which is equivalent to the first year of degree-level study and the NOA Advanced Professional Certificate (NOAAPC), which is equivalent to third year degree-level study.

The NOA Gateway offered as two levels for professionals or experiences practitioners serves as the entry point for the new qualifications and can also be studied as a standalone module.

Maggie Holland

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