Oracle updates CRM On Demand

Oracle has released the latest version of its On Demand CRM product, promising new customisation features.

On Demand 16 customer relationship management (CRM) software can be tailored specifically to the individual needs of its users, according to the firm, and a number of components can be adapted at all areas of use, from the user-interface through to the business process and data layers.

These items, which Oracle called 'custom objects', offer features such as real-time reporting, external data intergration and items management. They also offer more advanced functionality, like the ability to load objects from other systems or files via web services or import/export utilities, Oracle said, adding that such objects are easy to configure with existing administration tools.

"Unlike traditional software, users will not need to write code, modify tables or compile the application... Users save time and have the most critical information at their fingertips, without having to drill-down into a record to see necessary details," Oracle said.

Usability has also been improved, and users have access to much more information while remaining on one workpage, while the layout can be customised so that data is easy to search for and use. Role specific tasks such as claim tracking, also have better tools at their disposal.

Oracle plans to release more CRM solutions in the coming months as it continues to define itself in a market once dominated by Scheduled for release soon are Oracle Self-Service E-Billing On Demand, Oracle Sales Library, Oracle CRM On Demand Price Management, and Oracle CRM On Demand Enterprise Disaster Recovery.