Windows 7 to come in six versions

Microsoft is to offer six versions of Windows 7 despite being heavily criticised for offering too many confusing options in Vista.

The next operating system from Microsoft will come in two main versions, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional, targeted at consumers and businesses respectively. Microsoft told reporters that 80 per cent of sales will be comprised of these two versions.

There will also be a Windows 7 Enterprise edition, which will offer advanced data protection and compliance, but will not be available through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or retail outlets.

The Windows 7 Home Basic version is for emerging markets, offering what Windows general manager Mike Ybarra called "an entry point Windows experience on a full-size value PC."

There will also be a Windows 7 Starter edition, which will be pre-installed by OEMs on netbooks.

The sixth version will be Windows 7 Ultimate, which will contain every feature from all versions of the new OS. "Windows 7 Ultimate edition is designed for PC enthusiasts who want it all' and customers who want the security features such as BitLocker found in Windows 7 Enterprise edition," said Ybarra.

Unlike Vista, the higher-end versions will include all the features found in their lower-cost counterparts, so users won't lose functionality by upgrading.

"We've received great feedback from customers and partners through Windows XP and Windows Vista, and have learned a lot about how to communicate what's available in different editions of the operating system," said Ybarra.

"At the same time, we have a customer base of over 1 billion along with many partners, so it's important to make sure the right edition of Windows with the right features set is available for them."

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