Week in Review: How the snow broke Britain

Like everybody else, IT PRO readers seem to be Twitter obsessed. Stephen Fry's talk at the Apple store - where he declared himself the "Vice President of Twitter" - drew a lot of attention, but even more people Twittered about how the comedian managed to get himself stuck in a lift afterwards...

The microblogging platform's massive success has been noticed by businesses, which are slowly trying to get to grips with it. To help, this week we offered businesses both big and small a guide to how they should get started in Twitter.

While some people seem to volunteer for this via Twitter, how would you feel about the boss of your company being able to track your every move, even if you were out of the office, thanks to your mobile phone? This could soon become a reality thanks to Google's latest launch Latitude which lets users share their location with people they choose.

Even more high-tech goodness, but in admittedly dodgy packaging, the Zumba phone is being touted as a device that could revolutionise the mobile world, thanks to what it calls the "world's most accurate voice recognition system". You probably could guess that Google have already released a voice activated search tool which unfortunately only works well with US accents.

This week, you may possibly have noticed that it snowed, causing the UK to almost grind to a halt. Well it was quite a lot of snow, but in London we felt the full effects of a city that can't cope with bad weather, with buses being taken off the roads and the Tube at a standstill.

However, many of you probably managed to get just as much work done at home thanks to a broadband connection and a laptop we explored how businesses could have saved money simply by having good remote working policies.