MWC 09: Vodafone’s new handsets for all markets

Vodafone kicked off today's Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona by unveiling a range of new handsets aimed at both Europe and emerging markets.

Finer details such as pricing and specific availability were not given as part of the announcement, although the mobile giant hinted at respective spring and summer launch dates.

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First off, the Vodafone 835 is a 3G candy bar handset that boasts built-in GPS and is the first of its kind aimed squarely at the company's Find and Go navigation application. The device features a 2.4 inch colour display, primed for web and email access on the go. Users will also find support for Google Maps, instant messaging, Bluetooth and a secondary camera for video calling among other things.

Complementing the 835's contract appearance is a couple of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) handsets. The Vodafone 736 is a slider with a two-inch colour display, mobile internet access, a two-megapixel camera and a choice of hues such as rose, white and silver. Its candy bar sibling, the Vodafone 735 will show off the same features but in a different form factor and will come clad only in stylish black. In addition to launching a new 'Catwalk Collection' of so-called "bright and sporty spring colours" Vodafone also unveiled a couple of new 2G handsets aimed at developing markets. The 527 and 533 devices in this range will be available from next month.

Both are candy bar-style phones. The Vodafone 135 has a short two-line black and white display to aid calling and texting and will be available as a pre-pay black device in the summer. Vodafone is touting it as "the most affordable phone of its kind on the market". The Vodafone 235 features a 1.5 inch colour display, FM radio, speakerphone and headset jack and games. It'll be available slightly before its fellow black-clad counterpart the 135, making a spring appearance.

"In Europe, we recognise the importance of keeping design fresh by introducing seasonal collections as well as making services like sat nav available on specifically designed, good value handsets. Such versatility of design will add further opportunity for us to continue to deliver on our data strategy," said Patrick Chomet, global director of terminals for Vodafone, in a statement.

"We're really pleased to be building on the success we have achieved over the last two years, giving millions of customers access to mobile communications, in some cases, for the first time. In order to ensure we continue our success and offer customers great value, good design, quality and style, we continually review and refresh our range. The Vodafone 135 and the Vodafone 235 in particular offer something new for those people who want to own a mobile for the first time," he said.

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