Google finally joins the Twitter revolution

Google has finally joined Twitter and is now part of a growing list of companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft, which have both created official corporate accounts.

Google is currently following 58 people but has gained more than 25,000 followers since it announced its entry this week, with a string of binary that translates as "feeling lucky".

Google has also confirmed that this is an official Twitter account, and the anonymous staff members behind it have already tweeted that they were "excited to be here" and already "overwhelmed with responses".

Uniquely, it has also created a separate account, which has direct responses to Twitterers who have asked questions.

A member called Lungo' asked Google about the truth in a rumour suggesting the search giant wanted to buy Twitter. Google, most likely jokingly, responded by saying "suppose I said yes".

When Lungo claimed that Google was a machine and coming up with automatic answers it simply replied: "Cool. I have an IQ of over 250."

Twitter has exploded in popularity since the beginning of the year, continuing its massive growth as high-profile members like Stephen Fry continue to gather new followers.

This week, it also broke news on the recent Turkish Airline crash in Holland, and provided more accurate information than early reports.

The micro-blogging website also recently received venture capital funding as it tries to become a moneymaking operation.

IT PRO has written a guide on how businesses can capitalise on using Twitter.