HMRC takes on Transport for London’s CIO

Transport for London's (TfL's) chief information officer Phil Pavett will leave for HMRC in September.

TfL was Pavett's first public sector role, as prior to this he was CIO at OneTel and NTL, according to HMRC.

His new job will involve leading around 1,400 staff as well as a managing a capital budget in excess of 1 billion. He will have to support the work of around a fifth of the civil service at HMRC.

He has also been issued with the brief of making HMRC's IT "world class", and will be a member of the executive committee, in support of the chief executive.

Projects like iBus were carried out when he was TfL CIO. The 117 million Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) project that provided an advanced bus communication systems with satellite tracking and GPRS.

Last year, Pavitt criticised public service IT, claiming that it was not providing enough personalised technology that was focused on the user.

He also said that the people were critical of public service IT due to their ignorance of smaller technology schemes as well as stories of big IT failure.