Nestlé reduces costs with video conferencing

Nestl offices around the world plan to communicate via video conferencing rather than travelling to meetings, reducing both costs and environmental impact.

The company, known for some of the UK's popular brands, including Nescaf, KitKat and Shredded Wheat, has called on BT to help roll out the technology from Cisco.

It's claimed that high definition (HD) video and multi-dimensional sound will give Nestl employees the feeling of being in the same room as other workers around the globe.

To do this, Cisco TelePresence technology will run on BT's Multi Protocol Switching (MPLS) network.

Nestl also expects the system to reduce travel costs as well as improve productivity thanks to better collaboration among teams in different countries.

Recently, BT Business opened three HD telepresence centres in London, New York and Denver, showcasing software that allowed different companies to connect with each other using Cisco Telepresence connections.