Week in Review: Will Britain's new cyber strategy work?

The Digital Britain report released last week was all about how to make communication networks faster and ready for the future, but it didn't have any information on how they were going to be secured. This week's release of Britain's first ever cyber security strategy certainly makes up for that.

A new Cyber Security Operations Centre and an Office of Cyber Security will be established. National security-wise it wants to improve response against cyber attack, but the strategy also wants business networks more resilient.

It's fine words and ideas from the government, but it remains to be seen how this will work in practice, and whether the Tories have different plans of their own. Should we be cynical or optimistic about this?

HTC goes Android and business

Last week was very much about Apple's iPhone and this week we give it a full and proper review.

However, we've seen a young pretender in the upcoming HTC Hero handset which will run Google's Android operating system operating system with a unique customised user interface'.

And that's not all we've seen from HTC. We also have a full review of the business-focused HTC Touch Pro2, which has a tilt screen, slid-out keyboard and speakerphone aimed for the really serious corporate user. It runs Windows Mobile, but don't let that stop you it could be the best HTC handset yet.

Women in technology

One of our writers attended the first ever W-Tech event, where she heard five out of six senior female IT executives on the main panel say that they didn't see a pay gap in the industry.

However this contradicts an earlier survey by the same organisers. So who to believe?

With that in mind, we asked if women their worst enemies in the workplace by spending so much time highlighting their differences from men?