Conservatives would cut Ofcom's powers

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David Cameron has called for communications watchdog Ofcom to be slimmed down or even disbanded, as part of his plans to cutback such agencies - dubbed quangos - if elected.

In a speech to think-tank Reform, the Conservative leader that Ofcom - or a body designed to replace it - should only be in charge of licensing and lightly regulating broadcasters.

"So with a Conservative Government, Ofcom as we know it will cease to exist," he said. "Its remit will be restricted to its narrow technical and enforcement roles. It will no longer play a role in making policy."

He criticised the five-year-old Ofcom for spending too much cash and taking too much on. "It shouldn't be making policy, it shouldn't have its own communications department, the head of Ofcom is paid almost half a million pounds," Cameron later noted to the BBC.

Chief executive Ed Richards earlier this year opted to not take a bonus, as Ofcom staff saw their pay frozen.

Cameron added: "We could slim this body down a huge amount and save a lot of money for the taxpayer."