Microsoft Dynamics to integrate Twitter

Microsoft is integrating Twitter into its customer relationship management (CRM) software to take advantage of the business benefits of using social networks.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers will soon benefit from a free social network accelerator', which will allow business professionals to monitor and analyse customers' conversations using Twitter.

They will also gain real-time status updates about what customers are saying about their products and services.

"In the market, insight into what customers are saying is extremely valuable," said Ovum senior analyst Warren Wilson, in a statement.

Wilson claimed that the new social networking features would allow companies to keep track of customers' opinions and experiences, in addition to aiding decision making and brand awareness.

Initially, just Twitter integration is on offer, but Microsoft may target other social networks for inclusion in the future.

Microsoft also unveiled two other new CRM accelerators focused on partnership management and portal integration.

"These new accelerators expand the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to address emerging business trends in social networking and drive efficiencies in collaborative business processes," said Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in a statement.