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Top Android business apps

Top free

Voice Recorder Does what it says on the tin, with data recorded to the handset's SD card.

Battery Widget Keeps an eye on juice levels so they don't let you down at a critical moment.

OI Notepad This simple notepad lets you create a list of editable and sendable notes.

Astrid Task/Todo List An open sopurce task list to help you keep track of what needs to get done.

Jet Cet PDF A quick and easy way of viewing PDF files on the move.

Top paid

Power Manager (price TBC) An easy way to help manage the power of your Android-based handset, by changing settings to conserve energy for other tasks.

Open Home An app to help you make your home screen more individual with customisation for font, colours, icons and themes.

My Backup Pro ($4.99) An easy way to back-up applications, bookmarks, shortcuts, texts and more so you can easily port this data to a new device if your current one is lost of stolen.

Advanced Task Manager ($0.99) At a glance snapshot of all the tasks running on your Android phone quickly and easily.

RepliGo Reader ($19.95) A PDF reader with multiple zoom and fast reading capabilities for use with Gmail and a browser.


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