Google Squared gets updated

Google Squared

Google is showing off a number of new features in its Squared search tool, a search alternative that collects data from results into a grid.

In a blog post, the search giant said that Squared, though only in Labs at the moment, would be particularly useful for fact checking or finding. New updates to the tool allows for more squares, or if you prefer, more facts.

Noah Weiss, associate product manager, and Randy Brown, software engineer, said that Squared "takes on a difficult technical challenge".

"It's a first step towards automatically extracting useful facts from all over the web and presenting them in meaningful way. It has the potential to be particularly useful for research questions where the answers may not live on a single website, but instead must be combined from many different pages," they added.

However, the pair admit that Squared isn't quite perfect yet.

"There's a lot left to do before Squared is ready to leave Labs we're still working on improving quality as well as the user interface but we hope that our recent improvements make it more useful," they wrote.

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