Adobe adds to patching burden with 29 flaw fixes

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Adobe has patched up 29 security holes in its Reader and Acrobat PDF-reading software in Windows, Mac and UNIX.

On the same day that Microsoft released a major patch, Adobe has brought out an update which fixes critical flaws that could have caused an application to crash and allow an attacker to take control of a system.

One of the updates fixes a flaw that Adobe reported had been targeted by "limited" attacks "in the wild". This was a heap overflow vulnerability that could have lead to code execution.

In addition, a remote exploitation issue specific to a Mozilla plug-in that could have lead an attacker to run code on a system with the privileges of the user.

Mozilla has recently tried to fix problems like these with a new Plug-in Finder Service that checks plug-ins on the Firefox browser.

Mozilla has previously put in a check for users to see whether the most recent version of Adobe Flash is being used by Firefox.