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I've been in contact with Black on and off since I started in tech journalism back in 1999. She first captured my attention as a woman trying to champion other females into a career in IT.

Since, then she's done no end of good work for individuals and groups alike in her work with the BCS and the University of Westminster.

Most recently, despite being an incredibly busy person and then some, Black has worked hard to highlight the plight of Bletchley Park. Without Black and others like her, this critical piece of computing's history, would be consigned to just that. She's keen to protect this wondrous place for future generations as so many technological advances occurred between its walls - if only walls could talk.

It would seem Black is also the epitome of multi-tasking, wearing all the hats she wears in addition to being mum to four children. And whenever I've seen her, either in person, or speaking at an event she always seems really jolly.

If I were a young girl at school today and attended a talk held by Black, I would find it very hard not to catch her infectious enthusiasm for what she does and why she loves tech. - Maggie Holland

Sue Black


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