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At first, my choice was going to be Steve Jobs as the leader of Apple, but then I realised that what I really loved was not the company but rather the way the products were built and designed. And the man behind that aspect of Apple is London-born Jonathan Ive.

The way he has ushered in a sea-change when it comes to computer and device design is remarkable, and in the space of a few years has put Apple at the top of the tree when it comes to aesthetics and the all-important ease of use.

Ive doesn't get the big headlines like a Jobs or a Ballmer but he is crucial to how Apple is now viewed as the coolest company on the block.

The evidence? Well, think of the fact that he was the principal designer behind the iMac, PowerBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPod and iPhone.

The design and ease of use persuaded me to buy an iPod, MacBook and iPhone over the past few years, and I don't really consider myself a fanboy' as such, as I'm open to any company's products.

But it is Jonathan Ive and his design excellence that has played major part in convincing me to follow the cult of Apple'. - Asavin Wattanajantra

Jonathan Ive


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